The Clash of Gameplay and Graphics

The Clash of Gameplay and Graphics The Gameplay Fallacy One of the most common phrases you will hear amongst the gaming community is a line similar to that of “graphics don't matter, gameplay does”. Or something close to “it’s about stylization and realism never lasts”. Something about these phrases have bugged me and don't seem entirely accurate or strong when it comes to the entire scope of games in the past, present and future. Truthfully, it all matters. A game developer can guide the player's attention towards any element in a game, and graphics can be one of those elements. We should look into why this notion is often the case when good graphics and gameplay is brought into question. What I find most troublesome with realistic graphics and where a lot of this sentiment comes from is outdated game design with a modern realistic appearance. Oftentimes gameplay and hyper realistic graphics can clash. Graphics and gameplay have to be thought of in tandem with each other